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Mondol Publishing Corp

We have companies in real estate sales and development, wine making, and in the publishing business.

We started our publishing business to provide easy answers on a variety of subjects.

My son, Max, and I started Teen Health Magazine to provide helpful information and easy answers for teens and their families and Pets Health Magazine to help pets and their owners live fulfilled lives. We have started several other magazines since, on topics ranging from College Reviews, Photography, Travel, Dating, Romantic Weddings, Real Estate, Sexual Health, Surgery Reviews, and Food & Wine.

Why Can Better Electric Rickshaws Be Expected to Flood India in Future?

Check out this very informative article by  healthcarenewsworld! Click here to read the full article: Even though the urban population of India is rising, the overall disposable income of cities isn’t, as most of the people are coming in from rural areas, therefore are plagued by perpetually […]