Hybrid Bicycles

OPRG Electric Bike,Unisex Hybrid Bicycle 12″ Wheels Pedal Assisted Bike 48V Li-ion Battery with Disc Brakes and Suspension Fork (Removable Lithium Battery),18A,White

On a single charge of this battery, the can travel up to 80KM.
Comfortable Cycling Experience: Large tyres, suspension fork, an adjustable handlebar, ergonomic grips and saddle with suspension post all serve to provide the most comfortable ride for even the longest distances.
Removable Lithium Battery: can be charged on or off the frame, equipped with smart lithium battery charger, fast charging only need 4-5 hours. Adapting to need of your long-distance riding.
Powerful Rear Hub Motor: 580W rear-drive unit is known for its power-endurance level and long-distance pedal assistance, able to maintain 37KM/h for extended periods of time. There is no compromise to manoeuvrability with the compact motor centred in the rear hub.
Enjoy The Ride: thumb throttle – Take cycling to the next leve

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