OPRG Electric Bike,Unisex Hybrid Bicycle 12″ Wheels Pedal Assisted Bike 48V Li-ion Battery with Disc Brakes and Suspension Fork (Removable Lithium Battery),18A,White

On a single charge of this battery, the can travel up to 80KM. Comfortable Cycling Experience: Large tyres, suspension fork, an adjustable handlebar, ergonomic grips and saddle with suspension post all serve to provide the most comfortable ride for even the longest distances. Removable Lithium Battery: can be […]

Why Can Better Electric Rickshaws Be Expected to Flood India in Future?

Check out this very informative article by  healthcarenewsworld! Click here to read the full article: https://atbusinessworld.wordpress.com/2021/08/03/why-can-better-electric-rickshaws-be-expected-to-flood-india-in-future/ Even though the urban population of India is rising, the overall disposable income of cities isn’t, as most of the people are coming in from rural areas, therefore are plagued by perpetually […]